Youth Voices COVID-19 video competition

Open to all high school students in western Sydney Starts Monday 23rd August & closes 5pm Friday 17th September.

How to enter

Create a video on one of the 3 topics:

  • COVID-19 vaccinations: encouraging people to protect themselves
  • Looking after your wellbeing during the pandemic
  • Tackling COVID-19 misinformation & myths

Make a video that is less than 45 seconds, e.g. a Tik Tok style video and a file size 1 GB or less

A panel of health & education professionals, industry experts and young people will be deciding on the winners

Your video will be evaluated on:

  • Accuracy of information (more details are on the Google Site – QR Code below)
  • Impact of the message
  • Ability to engage the target audience
  • Innovation/creativity

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