Triple A (Adolescent Asthma Action) is an evidence-based, peer education program that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of students with asthma. The program involves a three-step process:

Step 1:

Triple A educators (university students) train volunteer Year 10 students to be Triple A peer leaders, during a one-day workshop.

The peer leaders gain skills in group facilitation and leadership.

Step 2:

Peer leaders deliver four lessons to Year 7 students, using the peer leader’s manual as a guide.

Students learn about asthma and self-management through videos, games and activities.

Step 3:

Students from Year 7 classes disseminate what they have learnt to members of their school community through creative performances.

By using an innovative student-centred approach, students become the drivers of both the teaching and learning processes.

The program is informative and participatory with fun being central to all aspects of learning by using hands-on activities, videos and games.


Over the last 20 years, the Triple A program has reached over 500 university students and 20,000 high school students.



Four Triple A peer leaders organising paper on a classroom desk
Triple A Peer Leaders doing the ‘Smoke-Free Pledge’



“The Triple A program provides a great opportunity for our Year 10 Physical and Health Education students to develop leadership skills as well as provide vital information to our Year 7 students about asthma and smoking prevention”
PDHPE teacher, Chifley College Shalvey Campus

“Not only have the students’ got to learning about asthma, but they have really enjoyed working with younger students.”
PDHPE teacher, James Meehan

“We gain a lot of confidence with talking and teaching other students.”
Peer Leader, Chifley College Shalvey

“It was interesting to have uni students come out to teach [us], somebody older to look up to.”
Peer Leader, Chifley College Bidwill