1. Peer-led interventions: Assessing the cost of the Adolescent Asthma Action program
  2. Cigarette smoking in adolescents with asthma in Jordan: Impact of peer-led education in high schools
  3. Effect of two educational interventions on pharmacy students’ confidence and skills in dealing with adolescents with asthma
  4. Peer-led Asthma Education for Adolescents with Asthma in Jordan
  5. An Interprofessional Learning Module on Asthma Health Promotion
  6. Medical Students go back to school: The Triple A Journey
  7. Innovative asthma health promotion by rural community pharmacists: a feasibility study
  8. Effect of peer-led programme for asthma education in adolescents: cluster randomized controlled trial
  9. Adolescent Asthma Action Project 1993-2000, Final Report
  10. A peer led asthma education programme in adolescents was more effective than no programme for improving quality of life
  11. Evidence-based asthma health promotion using medical students as peer educators
  12. Peer-led asthma education improves quality of life in adolescents
  13. Peer-led asthma education for adolescents: Impact evaluation
  14. Peer-led asthma education for adolescents: Development and formative evaluation
  15. Improving asthma outcomes in harder-to-reach populations: challenges for clinical and community interventions
  16. Comparison of two methods of training of undergraduate pharmacy students in asthma knowledge, confidence and skills
  17. Asthma morbidity in young people in rural NSW: A Time for Action
  18. Asthma knowledge and morbidity in rural adolescents

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