High school teachers

“I would without a doubt recommend this program to other schools. The information presented is relevant and the activities are interactive. This has allowed the students to gain a solid understanding of the concepts studied and working with Year 10 students allowed them to relate more effectively.

The SALSA program benefited my students as they were given the opportunity to go through real issues relevant to them and gain a greater understanding of the need for a healthy lifestyle.

The proximity in age between student leaders and university trainers certainly increase student engagement with the program through the leader training aspects. The linkages also helped extend students beliefs of potential on going education beyond high school.”

PDHPE Teacher, Erskine Park High School

“I would absolutely recommend this program, the SALSA program has been a very effective tool in communicating positive lifestyle choices available to students. The enthusiasm towards participating as leaders was overwhelming.

The SALSA program has helped open channels of communication between younger and older students, as well as between students and teachers on not only health topics covered in this course, but also a much broader range of areas across all dimensions of health.

The benefit of having University students as trainers are that the students respond well to the University students and were able to make more defined connections with them during training.”

Head PDHPE Teacher, Nepean High School

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University students

“I have found volunteering for the Students As LifeStyle Activists (SALSA) Program to be rewarding as it is a practical application of what I have been learning in the Master of Public Health degree at the University of Sydney. It has increased my confidence working together with high school students.

I strongly believe that university students are keystone to the program and are great role models for adolescents as it gives them the chance to aspire what they want to do when they finish school. They will become the next generation of future leaders and I hope I have made a small impact inspiring and empowering a young person’s lifestyle habits through imparting knowledge and education in healthy eating and physical activity. Volunteering for this program has been worthwhile and I am grateful for this opportunity.”

Educator, University of Sydney student

“I feel more optimistic about health promotion activities and my role in their implementation. I also gained valuable experience with teaching and engaging younger students. I also feel more comfortable with working with a multidisciplinary team.”

Educator, University of Sydney student

“It was a great experience to be a part of and the topics were highly in my interest of preventative health. It is beneficial for students to have this knowledge to maintain healthy active lifestyles. I would definitely be a part of this program again.”

Educator, University of Sydney student

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High school students