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Inspiring Student Leadership

The aim of the SALSA Youth Voices program is to provide peer leaders with an opportunity to identify and develop an action at schools which will encourage all students to have access to healthy foods and engage in physical activity.

The program uses a strength-based approach and aims to further build leadership, communication and teamwork skills in students.

The program comprises two one-day workshops:

-Leadership day, held in term 3, where students identify and plan their action

-Action Day, held in term 4, where students present their actions at a forum of education and health professionals


The cornerstone of SALSA Youth Voices is to offer leadership opportunities and a voice for students from varied and diverse backgrounds.

This program is designed for students to have an active role in creating supportive school environments.

The program is a unique coalition of health, education, and the Greater Western Sydney Giants who have strong investments to promote health in young people.

For more detail, check out the student presentations in the CASE STUDIES section

School Action Plans:

  1.  The ‘Let’s Move at Lunch’ program included installing a water filter station near the school oval; and female students engaged a local vendor to design unisex sports shorts to inspire more girls to participate in physical activities. (Henry Kendall High School)
  2. To refurbish a school gym, with a focus on senior students and to increase female participation. (Rooty Hill High School)
  3. To upgrade the gym equipment and include equipment suitable for younger students. Even to decorate the gym with artwork by a local street artist! (Colyton HS)
  4.  SALT (Sports at Lunch Time) program. This included a weekly competition and access to sports equipment during lunch time. SALT inspired the formation of a female school volleyball team. (Doonside Technology HS)
  5. Two water filters were installed, and fruit snacks were sold at school to students which raised $150. A school water bottle is being designed and will be given out to encourage students to drink more water and reduce plastic waste. (Erskine Park HS)
  6. Due to COVID-19, schools were advised not to use public water sources like bubblers. So, the students created a fresh water bottle filling station to ensure students and staff had access to fresh water. (Nepean Creative & Performing Arts High School)

1 - Henry Kendall High School

"HK High Water

2 - Rooty Hill High School

"Rooty Hill High School Gym"

3 - Colyton High School

"Colyton High School Project D5"

5 - Erskine Park High School

"Putting Plans Into

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